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Take Advantage of the MBA News Digest for Management Education Market Research

Posted on Sep 19, 2019 3:43:00 PM

We often conduct secondary research in our custom research studies for business schools. Secondary research involves obtaining information from existing commercial and public sources such as websites, sales and accounting records, articles and market research reports.

One of the biggest advantages of secondary analysis using existing data is low cost. However, the most common challenge of conducting secondary data analysis is that the available information might not answer the researcher’s specific research question to the degree that the research requires. It is not uncommon that some important variables were not available for the analysis or that the data were not collected for all population subgroups or all geographic regions of interest. 

We are excited to recommend a resource that we often utilize in our secondary research, which is not only free, but also targeted to the needs business school administrators. We encourage all of our blog readers to become a subscriber to the MBA News Digest.

What is the MBA News Digest?

The MBA News Digest is a global news aggregation service designed to provide a concise summary of relevant news articles regarding MBA programs worldwide to meet the challenge of keeping busy business school administrators up to date with the dynamic landscape of management education. 

These articles are handpicked for relevance on a daily basis from popular press and academic journals related specifically to MBA and specialized master’s programs regarding curriculum, marketing, technology, alliances, courses, specializations, etc.

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Business School Market Research with Google Alerts

Posted on Nov 1, 2011 11:04:00 AM

Do you know what web conversations are saying about your MBA program?  Do you know what the web conversations are saying about competitor MBA programs?  Do you know what the web marketing efforts of your MBA program look like to others?

In today’s competitive MBA marketplace, knowing the answers to these questions is a necessity.  Automated search and web intelligence tools can provide busy MBA program managers answers to these and similar questions with relative ease.  These simple-to-use tools not only search and organize the answers for you; they can deliver results to your inbox on a daily basis.  One tool with which I am most familiar is Google Alerts.

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