Thought Leadership Study

Thought Leadership Market ResearchHow do you uncover market opportunities and leads with compelling door-opening topical research?

Thought leadership market research is a powerful way to bolster your brand identity and generate purchasing opportunities. Conducting topical ‘influencer’ studies is ideal whether your marketing objective is to reinforce your current brand or to position your organization as an authority in an area not yet associated with your brand identity.

To garner media attention and spotlight your institution as an industry leader, you need actionable market research that is fresh, relevant and compelling. Percept Research delivers topical market studies that are firmly aligned to clients’ strategic needs and provide unique industry insights to fuel credibility. We guide our clients in developing insights that are innovative, big picture, transformative, and credible -- qualities that define compelling thought leadership.

Topical market studies typically explore the challenges that companies (or individuals) are facing, identify their fears and uncertainties, and examine their attitudes to potential solutions. We may be engaged to field a quantitative survey to explore the prevalence of a particular business issue and its impact on companies. Alternatively, or complementarily, we may conduct a series of qualitative interviews with industry leaders to understand how their organizations have solved a business challenge and the benefits they’ve subsequently experienced.

We help our clients stimulate engagement with prospects through carefully crafted research methodologies by uncovering rich content and unique perspectives on topics that are relevant and interesting. This type of influencer market research provides a springboard for our clients to demonstrate their expertise and generate brand awareness.

Common objectives:

  • Cultivate original and compelling content
  • Generate new leads
  • Garner media exposure
  • Elevate brand awareness
  • Increase customer engagement with provocative insights
  • Identify unmet customer needs
  • Increase sales with subject matter leadership

How we can help:

The most valuable thought leadership will be built on custom research closely aligned with your organization’s growth strategy. It will be proprietary, compelling, and will have relevant impact for your target audience. Percept Research designs influencer research to position our clients as authoritative experts of subject matter that will provide opportunities to describe how their organizations can be engaged to tackle business issues.

We bring a level of objectivity to the evaluation of thought leadership topics to ensure that the content you develop will genuinely resonate with audiences.

Percept Research will help you drive demand and become a trusted source of information with our robust questionnaire design, advanced analytical capabilities, unparalleled access to global executives with panels of multiple research alliance partners, and a respected, independent brand.

Our qualitative and quantitative research expertise enables us to conduct studies that can support innovative thought leadership programs. Our deliverables include:

  • Designing robust questionnaires and/or design guides (qualitative)
  • Curating respondent sample targeted to industry, function, geography, etc.
  • Fielding surveys, focus groups, and/or in-depth interviews globally
  • Tabulating, validating, and analyzing data (segmental comparisons, benchmarking, trending, etc.)
  • Synthesizing data analysis into actionable insights