Program Demand Assessment

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How is your academic program and portfolio positioned in the market?

If your institution is considering launching a new program or adjusting its current academic portfolio to align with the competitive marketplace, senior leadership will need data-driven insights to support and design an innovative offering.

Academic program success starts with understanding market needs. Schools need to understand market expectations and motivations to design (or redesign) new programs. Institutions need to truly meet student and employer needs to sustain a presence in the marketplace.

Our academic program feasibility studies provide a wealth of valuable information to reduce risk and optimize program design. Percept Research conducts in-depth research that can help your school not only design new programs but also improve the success and enrollment growth of existing offerings. We test program offerings to uncover demand, feasibility, and competitive differentiation.

Percept Research consultants provide sound, evidence-based recommendations to help you launch new programs with confidence and ensure they position your institution competitively.

Common questions:

  • Is there sufficient demand for the program offerings we are considering launching?
  • How can our current portfolio be optimized and further differentiated relative to competition?
  • How we do to keep our admissions pipeline healthy?
  • What specific skillsets are most compelling and in-demand for employers in the markets we serve?
  • How can we optimize the curriculum or modality of our academic program prototypes to meet the needs of our markets?
  • What is the risk to cannibalizing enrollments to other programs in our portfolio?

How we can help:

Our team serves our clients in a very collaborative partnership to design effective research that identifies and optimizes key drivers of appeal consonant with their brand. The close collaboration between our consultants and your team is essential to crafting the research that will guide your program development, from prototype to a go-to-market offering.

We conduct primary market research among affiliated and unaffiliated target audiences to provide the market intelligence necessary to:

  • Evaluate innovations to expand school reach and appeal.
  • Assess the overall feasibility of academic offerings relative to the competitive landscape.
  • Measure student choice of specializations, location, course schedules, and service differentiation.
  • Understand the extent of demand for online and accelerated study.
    Identify high-growth, high-potential offerings (degrees, certificates, courses).
  • Identify high-potential demographic profiles and marketing preferences to empower outreach plans for effective student recruiting.
  • Assess program attractiveness relative to student demand, workforce training needs and market saturation.
  • Validate portfolio expansion to stakeholders and reduce institutional risk.
  • Identify resources required for program academic and financial success.