Media Rankings Management


Why pursue business school rankings?

Media rankings provide an opportunity to increase the quantity and caliber of your applications and can help improve school diversity by reaching additional students and demographic groups. 

Common questions:

  • Which rankings should we pursue? 
  • How do we keep up with the methodology changes and is our program strong in those areas?
  • How do we manage the time-consuming and labor intensive data collection process?
  • How do we coordinate survey information from a wide variety of stakeholders (central university departments, faculty, alumni, students, etc.)
  • How can we ensure that we meet the tight deadlines?
  • How do we create a yearly rankings management plan?
  • How do we track historical rankings and use past results to improve?
  • How do we analyze and promote the results?  
  • How should we communicate the results to the business school community (students, alumni, faculty, university and school administrators, corporate sponsors)?  

How we can help:

We can advise which rankings to pursue and take the data collection and promotion of rankings off your plate to reduce the work load on your internal staff.

Determine eligibility for each ranking and which ones to pursue

Review rankings methodology and your program making recommendations on how to improve ranking performance by program adjustments

Project management services

Establish timelines to coordinate different facets of data collection to ensure deliverables are met on time 

  • Notification to students and alumni of rankings eligibility.
  • Providing media with student and/or alumni contact details.
  • School surveys (faculty research publications, class demographics).

Promote your rankings results with key stakeholders
  • Analyze metrics of results to determine key results to promote (% placement in total ranking, regional result, strength of school, diversity, faculty research).
  • Write communications for alumni, current students, prospects, and marketing channels (web site social media sites, local newspapers, etc.)