MBA Student Entry Survey

GME Student Entry Survey | Benefits

Why should my GME program participate?

  • Learn what drives students to your program – You will receive competitive attribute ratings of your program compared to other programs considered by your students.
  • Get actionable data quickly – Topline summaries are delivered within two weeks after survey fielding ends.
  • Collect competitive GME benchmarks not available by administering the survey independently – The comprehensive Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report provides an insightful presentation of your data benchmarked against all programs participating as well as self-selected peers.
  • Customize questions unique to your program – Custom survey questions are optional with design consultation provided by Percept Research. Check out this support article for more information: How many custom questions can I add? 
  • The entry survey is simple to administer and tailored to the specific needs of MBA programs.
  • In-depth analysis – A concise Executive Summary is available that identifies key MBA trends and benchmarks to help you fully understand the most significant attributes impacting your program.
  • Track your trendsProgram Roadmap & Market Trends Reports provide internal trending comparisons.
  • Confidentiality – Collect unbiased feedback and higher response rates with a third-party GME survey research firm.