MBA Student Entry Survey

GME Student Entry Survey | How it works

How do I participate?

(1) REGISTER: To register for this survey, visit the How to Buy page. If you have further questions about this research initiative, contact us.

(2) SCHEDULE FIELDING DATES: Once you register, Percept Research will contact you to schedule your survey. You will be able to customize the invitation date, reminder date, and survey end date of the web-based survey. We will provide recommendations on the best timing to provide an optimal response rate.

(3) DESIGN CUSTOM QUESTIONS (PERCEPT): You will receive a copy of the core questionnaire. Although the core questionnaire is comprehensive, you may wish to add custom questions to trend data from previous GME survey efforts or to tailor the survey to your unique program. Our consultants will assist you with developing custom questions as needed.

(4) COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES: Upon registration, Percept Research will provide instructions on how to submit student email addresses in comma-separated format, including first name, last name, and email address.

(5) SEND PRE-ALERT: Percept Research will provide a pre-alert template to encourage your students to look for the invitations in their inboxes and let them know that this study has been commissioned on your behalf. This alert should come directly from your program administration 1-2 days before your survey fielding is scheduled to begin.

(6) FIELD SURVEY (PERCEPT): We will send your students email invitations to participate in the student exit survey based on the invitation date you select during registration. These invitations will provide a unique hyperlink to the survey that will allow students to complete the survey only once. Percept Research will send reminder email messages to students who have not responded based on the date of your choosing. We recommend setting the reminder within one week of the invitation as web surveys tend to field quickly.

(7) CLOSE SURVEY (PERCEPT): Percept Research will close the fielding of the survey based on the date you specify (fielding 2-3 weeks is suggested). 

(8) ANNOUNCE EXTENSION: At the end of the survey 'announced' survey fielding, you will be sent a list of students who have not completed the survey in case you want to follow up directly to achieve a census. Percept Research will provide an extension-alert template to encourage non-responding students to complete the survey and let them know that you have extended the deadline so you can collect their feedback. You can achieve a significant boost in response with this type of direct follow-up with a one-week extension.

(9) PAYMENT: Based on the reporting options you selected during registration, you will receive an invoice via email. We offer the option of online payment via a hyperlink within the invoice email. Please note that we must receive full payment in order to release your survey reports.

When will my results be available?

Topline summaries are delivered within 1-2 weeks after the end of fielding for your institution's specific survey.

The deadline to submit data for this survey is based on the fielding year for all programs participating. You can select peer programs for comparison in two weeks after all completed surveys are collected by Percept Research. The Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report will be delivered based on the fielding year schedule. Check out the Timing of Surveys and Reporting for specific dates.