Student Experience Enhancement Programs


Why enhance the student experience?

A strategic approach to delivering a strong student experience yields higher MBA student loyalty, program referrals, donations, and rankings.

Common questions:

  • Why are we losing deposited students prior to classes beginning?
  • How do we create a positive class culture?
  • How do we organize study teams?
  • What services do students expect and should the program provide?
  • What type of orientation experience would serve our students most effectively?
  • Should we require residencies in the program?
  • How do we ensure residencies add value to the student experience?

How we can help:

We can help business schools establish a framework for capturing and utilizing engagement data to enrich the student experience while establishing operational approaches to sustain a culture of strong student engagement.

Enrolled Student Engagement

  • Review current practices and assess effectiveness
  • Create a strategy for enrolled students engagement
  • Recommend communications and events to increase enrolled engagement
  • Set yield goals and measure outcomes

Student Orientation

  • Evaluate, assess and enhance current orientation experience including communications and content
  • Design and launch orientation residency schedule to increase student satisfaction
  • Establish a tracking system to ensure your program continues to refine experiences

Study Team Creation and Execution

  • Evaluate, assess and enhance current study team practices
  • Design study team creation process to most effectively serve the students and program learning objectives
  • Establish study team resources
  • Evaluate effectiveness of ongoing program and refine based upon feedback

Student Services

  • Evaluate, assess and enhance current services provided in the following areas:
      • Student course materials
      • Onsite/online experience
      • Course schedule and registration
      • Financial aid and student billing
      • Mentoring/Coaching
      • International residencies
  • Establish operational excellence to ensure quality services and effective use of resources
  • Establish tracking system to monitor services and student satisfaction