Admissions Funnel Assessment

business school admissions funnel

Why approach admissions funnel development strategically?

  • Unweave and understand complex decision-making processes of prospective students within a particular market segment;
  • Identify language and messaging that most resonates with students in your target audiences;
  • Pinpoint where to position messaging so it speaks to your prospective students;
  • Learn who or what strongly influences prospective students, and why those influences hold sway; and
  • Identify new audiences who may not yet have enough information about your offerings, and learn what motivates them to pursue your program.

Common questions about strategically developing the admissions funnel:

  • In today’s climate, what should we do to keep our admissions pipeline healthy for the near and long terms?
  • Where are critical points in a student’s decision-making process where our message might resonate most effectively?
  • Which information sources do our prospective students rely on most?
  • How do prospective students envision their futures with our degree on their resume or CV?
  • How might we leverage our school identity or brand in ways that attract students?

How we can help:

Objective identification of program strengths based on applicant and inquirer feedback
    • Learn which program assets students find most appealing, and why.
    • Isolate areas for additional outreach, message re-development, or resource re-allocation.
    • Assess perceived strengths and weaknesses at each stage of the funnel from inquirers, applicants, and non-matriculates.
Student-centered insights on message content and positioning
    • Understand where students look for information, and discern what information most affects their decision processes.
Competitor comparisons
    • Identify specific competitor strategies or offerings that draw students’ attention away from your program, and why.
    • Develop new game plans for differentiating your program and attracting candidates.
Recommendations for future admissions funnel development
    • Explore the needs of untapped student populations, and learn how you might satisfy them.
    • Recognize specific social, cultural, or economic trends that may affect students’ pursuit of your programs.