Custom Market Research

business school marketing researchPercept Research offers unparalleled depth of data, best practices, and management consulting derived from our relationships with over 250 business schools. Our Custom Research and Consulting Services offer guidance for business school leaders in areas such as increasing operational efficiency and containing costs, improving recruiting and retention, and developing new degree programs. We help institutions stay ahead and grow through stakeholder-centered innovation.

How do we do it?

Our consultants work with you one-on-one, or with a small group, to define the institution’s challenges and arrive at viable solutions that fit with your school's mission and strategy. These engagements are customized to your institution's unique needs, leveraging our unique combination of in-depth management education knowledge and market research expertise.
Why engage Percept Research?

Percept Research consultants have decades of experience in every aspect of the delivery of graduate management programs, using data-driven, collaborative approaches to assess your challenges and devise the most effective and efficient strategies. The administrative and faculty experience of our consultant team will be leveraged to advocate for change so you can create buy-in and unify your colleagues around those strategies.

How can we help?

These custom research engagements couple our unmatched market knowledge with market research expertise. These services include:

  • Program Demand Assessment

    How is your new academic program or portfolio positioned in the dynamic higher education market? Our program demand studies provide a wealth of valuable information to reduce risk and optimize program design.

    We conduct in-depth research to help your school not only design new programs but also improve the success and enrollment growth of existing offerings. These studies are tailored to your unique needs to generate insights and actionable guidance to shape your portfolio and outreach to better align to the needs of your markets.

  • Admissions Funnel Assessment

    Attract prospective students even more effectively and efficiently. With our proven model for application pipeline review, we generate recommendations that help you fine-tune your outreach and messaging strategies. Whether you want to engage new audiences or enhance relationship-building with students from your base audience, we can deliver insights so your admissions funnel flows and fulfills your strategic goals.  

  • In-Depth Interviews

    Learn in detail how people in your target audience think and feel about your brand and services, and hear from them in their own words. Particularly with privacy concerns or sensitive topics, in-depth interviews help you gain insight on vital decision-making points in your stakeholders’ evaluation processes, nuances behind the word-of-mouth around your brand, or hidden issues behind your business-critical questions.

  • Focus Groups

    Use the power of group dynamics to brainstorm with stakeholders over new product offerings, pre-test messaging or product concepts, or uncover hidden issues around customer satisfaction. By bringing people together for group discussion, we learn about commonalities or differences in opinion or feeling within particular populations — and we learn these things in the words of the participants themselves.

Our approach weaves together research and consulting to help your institution develop transformational marketing and operational strategies that help you dramatically improve revenues, profits, and brand equity. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve as your partner to promote your growth and leadership in a competitive marketplace.