MBA Student Exit Survey | Overview

MBA Student Exit Survey This MBA graduate survey provides a clear picture of perceptions of exiting students on a range of attributes including: faculty, curriculum, teaching methods, and measuring learning and ROI outcomes.

What is the MBA Student Exit Study?

The Student Exit Study enables MBA programs to assess the level of satisfaction and loyalty of graduating students on a wide range of program attributes, to identify areas for program improvement, and to help measure change over time.

This survey can be administered via a print or web-based survey. MBA programs can compare their results with all other programs participating in the survey, as well as with self-selected “peer” programs to provide valuable competitive intelligence information.

What kind of questions are asked?

The questionnaire is comprised of five components:

  1. Rating the MBA experience on a range of attributes including: Faculty, Curriculum, Teaching Methods, Functional Areas, and Administration 
  2. Learning outcomes assessment
  3. Evaluation of MBA student return-on-investment
  4. Open-ended questions regarding strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement
  5. MBA student loyalty ratings
  6. Demographic information so that respondents can be classified for analysis

This questionnaire is designed to provide a clear picture of student perceptions about their academic experience empowering MBA programs to focus attention on strengths and areas of improvement as well as develop a competitive benchmark to peers. MBA programs can also insert custom questions to the end of the core questionnaire.

How will my data stay confidential?

As an independent MBA survey research firm, Percept Research manages the survey process and provides reporting of the results. We maintain the anonymity of the industry benchmarking and peer comparisons. View our Data Confidentiality and Use policy.

What is the timing of the surveys and reporting?

The timing of the survey fielding period and delivery of reports are based on the survey engaged. View the Calendar of Survey Milestones.