MBA Lead Nurturing Programs

 MBA Lead Nurturing

Why establish an MBA lead nurturing program?

Convert more inquiries into applications by establishing ongoing contact with MBA leads in a steady yet non-intrusive manner. Encourage earlier applications through consistent communications that address the interests and needs of MBA prospects.

MBA admissions officers have annual enrollment goals to meet, but MBA prospects have their own timeline of when they are ready to attend business school. A rising manager or executive may apply on the spot, although it’s more likely that an MBA prospect will take months or even years to fill out an application. Competing priorities such as work commitments and family obligations as well as funding concerns often delay plans for business school.

During this time, the MBA prospect is presented with a range of choices. Other business schools are courting the same prospect and sending frequent marketing communications. The candidate may consider an entirely different type of master’s program. Alternatively, the potential student may just need that one compelling piece of information to take action whether it is a powerful testimonial from a prominent alumnus promoting the ROI of the program, an announcement of a new scholarship award, or the newly released ranking of the business school in a major publication.

Consultative recruiting and relationship building are essential components of a MBA prospect nurturing program.

Common questions:

  • How do we build a sustained MBA lead nurturing program to improve application yields?
  • How do we systematize a semi-regular business school lead nurturing program?
  • How often should we communicate with MBA leads? What is an ideal schedule? How often should we “touch” leads without driving them away?
  • What content would be most influential in our marketing communications to nurture MBA leads?
  • Which articles would drive a call to action? How can we incorporate videos in our lead nurturing campaigns?
  • How do we segment our MBA lead population for tailored communications that are most relevant to the prospect’s occupation, industry, education, or career goals?
  • How can we leverage social media in our MBA lead nurturing programs?
  • How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our MBA lead nurturing campaigns?

How we can help:

We can help you design and implement a comprehensive lead nurturing program to increase your MBA application funnel.

  • Evaluate an existing lead nurturing program to enhance MBA application yields.
  • Design and launch an inaugural MBA lead nurturing program.
  • Formalize a casual lead nurturing program as part of MBA program marketing strategy.
  • Consult on timing and scheduling of email nurturing campaigns to maximize MBA enrollment yields.
  • Write compelling content for lead nurturing campaigns promoting program enhancements, business school news, faculty achievements, invitations to prominent speakers on campus, etc.
  • Identify key barriers of entry for prospects and develop specific communications to overcome these barriers and enhance application yields.
  • Clip articles on topics of interest for MBA leads such as career advancement and leadership.
  • Create social media groups to propel leads more quickly down the admissions funnel.
  • Establish tracking system to gauge effectiveness of MBA lead nurturing programs as part of business school marketing efforts.