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Take Advantage of the MBA News Digest for Management Education Market Research

Posted on Sep 19, 2019 3:43:00 PM

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MBA News Digest-logo-800We often conduct secondary research in our custom research studies for business schools. Secondary research involves obtaining information from existing commercial and public sources such as websites, sales and accounting records, articles and market research reports.

One of the biggest advantages of secondary analysis using existing data is low cost. However, the most common challenge of conducting secondary data analysis is that the available information might not answer the researcher’s specific research question to the degree that the research requires. It is not uncommon that some important variables were not available for the analysis or that the data were not collected for all population subgroups or all geographic regions of interest. 

We are excited to recommend a resource that we often utilize in our secondary research, which is not only free, but also targeted to the needs business school administrators. We encourage all of our blog readers to become a subscriber to the MBA News Digest.

What is the MBA News Digest?

The MBA News Digest is a global news aggregation service designed to provide a concise summary of relevant news articles regarding MBA programs worldwide to meet the challenge of keeping busy business school administrators up to date with the dynamic landscape of management education. 

These articles are handpicked for relevance on a daily basis from popular press and academic journals related specifically to MBA and specialized master’s programs regarding curriculum, marketing, technology, alliances, courses, specializations, etc.

The MBA News Digest is delivered to subscribers’ inboxes as a weekly summary (on Thursdays) that includes key paragraphs from each news story along with a link to original articles as a one-stop-shop industry resource. The newsletter also provides a list of upcoming management education conferences as well a link to available MBA program administrator jobs.

MBA News Digest excerpt

Excerpt from recent MBA News Digest newsletter (click image to download full version PDF)

The MBA News Digest was founded by Dr. Rodney Alsup, who also joined our consultant team as a key resource in translating client research into actionable recommendations. Dr. Alsup has more than 30 years of academic experience as a faculty member, MBA program director, and business school administrator. He served as Associate Dean for Graduate Business Programs at Kennesaw State University and as the EMBA Program Director. He helped create and design an Executive MBA for Physician Executives and an on-site corporate Executive MBA. Rodney led the MBA Roundtable as President and served on the Board of Directors for more than 10 years.

Rodney Alsup Brian Mahoney IACBE conference 2018Rodney Alsup and Brian Mahoney (Percept Research)

Secondary Analysis of Historical MBA News Digest Articles

Subscribers also have preferred access to the MBA News Digest website which includes a searchable archive of more than 9,000 articles. The website also allows subscriber commentary about each of the articles to encourage further discussion and sharing of ideas.

The extracted content from these articles, usually the first few paragraphs of the story, along with a link to the published article, are stored in the archives and allow subscribers to quickly access the publication from the original source. Each of the articles are topically tagged that can be keyword-searched to locate articles of interest.

In addition to the MBA News Digest webinar and podcast series, Dr. Alsup provides quarterly Emerging Trends & Innovations in Graduate Business Education Reports to paid subscribers. These quarterly reports provide retrospective insight into how graduate management education is changing and how program managers are adjusting to these dynamics.

Percept Research established a community on our social support platform to capture feedback and provide answers to frequently-asked questions: MBA News Digest Support.

We hope you will subscribe and find the MBA News Digest as an essential graduate program management intelligence resource as we have!

Subscribe to the MBA News Digest

How we can help you!

Is your school seeking to conduct a literature review of management education press to identify niche opportunities for positioning a new program or a newly revised MBA program? Does your dean desire a competitive analysis of current and aspirational peers? Do you want to prime the admissions funnel with an internal website marketing assessment to optimize lead generation?

Our team assists business schools with gathering and synthesizing both primary and secondary data for impactful decisions. Not only do we have access to the MBA News Digest archive of industry articles, Dr. Alsup leads these engagements providing a significant head start on secondary data collection as well as industry insight.

Thanks to over 15 years of conducting primary and secondary research with prospects, students, MBA alumni as well as administrators of these programs, our team is well-versed in designing studies targeting these management education stakeholders and capturing unbiased market intelligence as an independent, third-party research firm.

Not only do we know how to capture the data required for a successful research project, we know how to bring it all together so that an abundance of data is synthesized into meaningful and actionable insights. If you’d like to learn more about our custom research or consulting services, please reach to us for a free consultative discussion about your research objectives: Contact Us.


Brian Mahoney, author for this article, is a Managing Partner at Percept Research. He welcomes your questions and comments.

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