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Percept Research’s 15th Anniversary: The Best is Yet to Come

Posted on Mar 30, 2018 1:30:00 PM

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Percept Research_15th Anniversary Logo_RGBPercept Research unveiled its 15th anniversary logo today, launching a one-year commemoration recognizing the firm’s history of delivering trusted insight and service excellence.

In 2003, Daniel Mosrie and I founded the Percept Research with the goal of establishing a data-driven consultancy focused on the delivery of actionable market research and management consulting services with a commitment to building relationships through remarkable client service.

Today, our North Carolina-based firm includes seven employees and ten consultants serving more than 350 corporate and higher education organizations around the world. We have grown steadily primarily through positive word-of-mouth from valued clients and service partners with a guiding philosophy of elucidating brand and customer experience challenges, not just delivering data.

Commemorative Logo Design

We engaged Virtual Apiary, another NC-based firm, to design our anniversary logo. Percept Research has engaged design firm for several years as our graphic designer for marketing collateral, infographics, our 10-year anniversary logo, and data visualization within our report deliverables.

Virtual Apiary’s design process resulted in several iterations of our logo. Our design objectives were to demonstrate growth with longevity and focus on ‘guiding with trusted insights’ while maintaining the color palette of our signature logo.

We considered initial concepts of journey, navigating, compass and guiding which resulted these draft designs. In the first option, we explored the idea of guiding clients through a maze or journey. In the second option, we explored a compass notion with guiding clients to true north with ‘trusted insight’, leading to the right direction without wavering.

15year-logo-1st-drafts-Percept ResearchWhile these encompassed our initial objectives, our internal team felt these concepts did not represent the minimalist, modern design of our data visualization design principles. Adhering to our philosophy of engaging client feedback for innovation, we asked a few of our corporate and academic clients with marketing expertise to provide their guidance on the logo design.

Based on the internal and external feedback, we asked our designers to go back to the drawing board and change the design focus to ‘insight’ with the swirl from our corporate logo and we eliminated the ‘guiding with trusted insights’ tagline to maintain a minimalist approach.

The final version of the anniversary logo incorporates a modern logotype in our corporate color palette with emphasis on our iconic swirl. The swirl in our corporate logo symbolizes an ‘eye’ to represent human ‘perception’ and ‘insight’ that builds the foundation of our corporate name. Additionally, this has the added benefit of reinforcing the ‘percept’ concept as we are often incorrectly referred to ‘Precept Research.’

A special thank you to

Our Operations and Client Services Teams

Percept Research is simply the sum of its people…and our employees are dedicated and outstanding. Some are analytical and technical gurus by day and kickboxers and doting parents by night. Some have logged more than 12 years with the company.

We salute our employees for continuing to support the firm’s mission of providing the highest level of research expertise and client service. Though there are many factors which have contributed to our success, underlying them all is an unwavering commitment of our staff to delivering market intelligence that provides a deep understanding of our clients’ customers in the context of their world – understanding sentiment, decision pathways and drivers.

As our research and consulting projects are not one-size-fits-all engagements, our team is often developing bespoke strategies to meet the different challenges our clients face. We highly value our employees’ talents and ability to adjust in executing robust research methodologies and delivering actionable insights with a high level of professionalism.

Our Consultant Team and Partners

We are thankful for our consultant team and supplier partners. Without their support, we would not have reached this milestone anniversary.

Our consultants have proven expertise in developing and implementing transformational marketing strategies to help our clients significantly improve value proposition and brand equity. In addition to the tremendous value they bring to our clients, our entire team is constantly learning from them during each of our custom research and consulting engagements.

We would like to thank each one of our motivated and savvy team of talented employees and consultants dedicated to ensuring our clients grow through market-driven innovation.

Be sure to check out our staff bios on the Percept Research Facebook page and say ‘hello'. 

Percept Team Collage Facebook-600px

Our Clients

Last, but definitely not least, we LOVE our clients and appreciate them for being part of this amazing journey. We are fortunate to see many of our clients in person -- at conferences, events, and onsite meetings around the world. But we also get to interact with them via video conference, phone, social media, and our social support platform. Their support and partnership energize us each and every day.

We are honored that our clients have been our best ambassadors over the years, many of whom have readily shared with prospective clients their stories of innovation and organizational change driven by our insights and recommendations. We owe much to our own firm’s innovation and growth to their feedback and collaboration.

Looking Forward

To commemorate with this anniversary year, we plan to announce promotional offerings in the next few months to encourage more participation in our MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite while expanding the benchmarking capability of these student and alumni assessments.

We also hope to announce expanded custom research offerings along with new data visualization and support platforms that that have been in development over the last few years.

We wish to thank all of our employees, consultants, clients, and supplier partners for the 15 remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support. You are key to our successes and what drives our future vision. We are reinvigorated and grateful to be working with each one of you to make it happen.

We are extremely proud of our legacy thus far. Our success is yours. Here is to the next 15 years!

With deep appreciation,

Brian Mahoney, Managing Partner

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