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How to Craft MBA Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Posted on Mar 21, 2013 8:30:00 AM

MBA Lead Nurturing CampaignsLast weekend I stopped by my local Williams-Sonoma store on the day they were hosting an artisans’ market.  It was a clever marketing strategy to generate foot traffic during a slow time of year and help local producers boost brand awareness.

As I sampled specialty foods, I thought about how the artisans could keep their brands in the minds, hearts, and, indeed, stomachs of prospective customers who wandered in that day.

For example, the delicious rum cake was tempting, but I was not prepared to buy it right then and there.  However, I may be inclined to purchase it for a special occasion at some point in the future.  

This is where lead nurturing campaigns come in. If the local producers had captured the names and email addresses of everyone who stopped to sample their rum cake or gourmet chips, they would be able to keep in touch with them through targeted communications announcing new products, promotions, even recipe ideas. As a result, their brands would be top of mind when the customer was ready to buy. 

The same concept rings true with prospective MBA students. Although we may wish candidates would apply on our timetable, many times they are not ready for a whole host of reasons – finances and family, to name a few.  An MBA lead nurturing program enables MBA admissions officers to stay in touch with candidates and capture their attention when they are ready to buy.

So, how do you get the most out of a MBA lead nurturing campaign?  What messaging is most effective?  And how do you determine appropriate frequency? The recent article, “Inbox Equilibrium” in AMA’s Marketing News, provides some helpful answers:


Be sure to develop a MBA program marketing strategy with solid content. Provide solutions to the challenges and needs of your target audience. Emails that are educational rather than promotional often are more effective. Ask yourself two questions when crafting email content:

1. Will prospective MBA students look forward to receiving it?

2. Will they want to share it?


Your email frequency and a MBA prospect’s threshold for promotional content relates directly to the strength of your relationship with the potential MBA student.  The more engaged they are – opening, clicking on the calls-to-action, etc. -- the more tolerant they are of more frequent messages. 

Spread the Word

The reach of an email message can grow by 60% if it are shareable via social media so consider posting digital versions of your promotional email messages on your website to include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter "share" buttons, according to research from Constant Contact Inc. mentioned in the AMA article.

The number of emails sent by marketers last year jumped 16% from the year prior. Craft MBA lead nurturing campaigns that make MBA prospects take notice of your program.  What differentiates your program from the competition?

And, remember, the best MBA marketing communications strategies take into account how candidates interact with all of your touch points. Help MBA prospects engage with your program on all levels, including social media, for blue ribbon marketing strategies in the business school marketplace.

Craft MBA Lead Nurturing Campaigns 

Barbara Coward, author of this article, is a marketing communications consultant at Percept Research.  Barbara welcomes your questions and comments. 

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