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MBA Lifecycle Topline Summary Format Improved

Posted on May 19, 2014 1:16:00 PM

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Percept Research is pleased to announce an improved format for the Topline Summary and Verbatim Summary reports that are provided in all of the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite Decision Packages.

Enhancement #1: Frequency Distribution Tables Added

The Topline Summary provides tables of the descriptive statistics for each ratings question within the survey. The descriptive statistics include the number of respondents, mean, standard deviation, minimum and maximum values.

Starting in 2014, the Topline Summary will also include additional tables of frequencies for all ratings questions within the survey. These frequency distribution tables indicate the percentage of respondents who selected each response on the ratings scale. The frequency tables provide additional information beyond the descriptive statistics, since they allow for examining the level of consensus among the data.

These tables provide supplementary value by displaying how the ratings are distributed in the survey results.

auto topline freq table resized 600Frequency Table Added (click for larger image)

Enhancement #2: Verbatim Responses Integrated

Previously, business schools participating in the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite were provided separate reports for the verbatim responses, respondent answers to each open-ended (qualitative) question. If a respondent waives confidentiality, these comments will be identified for potential follow-up for conflict resolution or marketing testimonial.

Based on the request from several clients, we have consolidated these verbatim responses into a single Topline Summary report. This single report will have more portability for sharing with various business school stakeholders.

auto topline verbsVerbatims Example (click for larger image)

Enhancement #3: Faster Delivery Without Trends 

We originally introduced the Topline Summary in 2004 so MBA programs could quickly review the results of their survey before receiving their comparative report (called the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report), which is delivered at the end of the fielding year.

One of the challenges we have faced over the years is including trending information in the Topline Summary while keeping our promise of quick delivery of the results. To keep this promise, the Topline Summary will now only include the most recent survey results without trending so we can deliver the summary in a quick fashion.

Trending data along with external benchmark comparisons are provided in the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report, which delivers deeper context to the trends for better decision-making.

The Topline Summary will now be delivered in less than one week after the survey has closed for a participating MBA program (and in most cases, the next day).

These new Topline Summary changes are designed improve the value of this tool for MBA program administrators participating in the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite.



Brian Mahoney, author for this article, is a marketing research consultant and Managing Partner of Percept Research. Brian welcomes your questions and comments.

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