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MBA Lifecycle Decision Support: Dean’s Dashboard

Posted on Jan 18, 2012 8:40:00 AM

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deans list A 250pxPercept Research is offering a new tool for business schools that utilize the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite -- a Dean's Dashboard that organizes information relevant to student loyalty and tracks key performance indicators throughout the student lifecycle.

This tool is designed for the school leadership to monitor strategic plan progress for the school, saving time and making better decisions. The dashboard framework encourages effective collaboration across and within academic and administrative teams. 

This executive-level summary consolidates the in-depth Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report Reports and Executive Summaries into at-a-glance key performance indicators (KPI), a series of assessment measures for all of the participating programs within the school. Beyond the visual summary of the key indicators, the Dean's Dashboard also includes analyst commentary indicating points of action based on internal trending as well as external and internal benchmarking

The Dean's Dashboard is customized for your school to provide:

  • Metrics of greatest brand and delivery impact (we will work with your team to isolate measures targeted by the school along with our data-based recommendations)

  • Intra-school comparisons of full-time, part-time, and executive MBA programs and specialized master's programs in a single display view

  • Three-year internal trends from each MBA Lifecycle survey (Entry, Midterm, Exit)

  • External benchmarks to industry from each MBA Lifecycle survey (Entry, Midterm, Exit, Alumni)

  • External benchmarks to self-selected peers from each MBA Lifecycle survey (Entry, Midterm, Exit, Alumni)

  • Summary of findings relevant to each comparative display 

EMBA Student Exit Key Performance Indicators 500pxDean’s Dashboard Excerpt: Exit KPI Comparison of Two Programs

This evidence-based management tool empowers the school leadership to improve the delivery of the graduate management programs. In addition to providing great convenience for deans and administrators, these dashboards will increase the transparency and visibility of the decisions on marketing and operational delivery of graduate management programs. 

The development of the Dean's Dashboard is customized to the school and cost is based on the number of programs and number of lifecycle survey assessments being compared. Click here to download a copy of the fictional Dean's Dashboard and request a free initial consultation.


Brian Mahoney, author for this article, is a marketing research consultant and Managing Partner of Percept Research. Brian welcomes your questions and comments.

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