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Percept Research Welcomes Qualitative Consultant Dr. Joyce Kurpiers

Posted by Brian Mahoney on Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011
Brian Mahoney
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Percept Research, a North Carolina-based market research consultancy, announced today the addition of Joyce Kurpiers to the client services team as a Qualitative Research Consultant. As a qualitative researcher, Joyce helps clients understand the stories of people’s lives and social networks, and how those interconnect with products, services and brands.  

A perceptive ethnographer, group moderator and interviewer, Joyce unpacks the complex values and belief systems that influence people’s decisions—her insights contribute to messaging and product concepts that resonate with people’s wants and needs. With a Ph.D. from Duke University (where she studied music and sound effects in advertising), Joyce has supported an array of both non-profit and corporate sectors, from academic strategic planning and mission-based fundraising to medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Dr. Kurpiers assists Percept Research clients in expanding their community intelligence through qualitative methods such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnography, and social media analyses.

Dr. Kurpiers’ wide-ranging interests and experience in corporate sales and marketing make her adept in understanding people and producing actionable insights. In addition to her life-long love for singing and playing music, she teaches kickboxing, weight lifting and yoga and relishes in the outdoors. She also delivers health and stress management seminars as part of her fitness clubs’ marketing efforts. Her natural inquisitiveness and genuine curiosity for how people tick make her a well-rounded researcher and perceptive strategic partner.



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