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Percept Research Presents ‘Future of the EMBA’ at 2018 Executive MBA Council Conference

Posted by Brian Mahoney on Wednesday, Jan 16, 2019
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Welcome to Madrid_Maria-Eugenia Marin (IE Business School) and Matthew Gibb (HEC)Percept Research attended the 2018 Executive MBA Council annual conference in Madrid, Spain from October 14-17. The conference theme of “Dream. Discover. Disrupt.” and included sessions such as “Lifelong learning in the digital age,” “Beyond Innovation: Extreme Disruption in Form and Content of Experiential Learning for EMBA Programs,” “Tilting at Windmills? Chatbots Can Disprove Your Tech Fears (and Make Students Think You’re Cool),” and “Disruption, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in EMBA Education” among others.

We are excited to share some of our learnings and experiences from the conference…

Rodney Alsup (MBA News DigestPercept Research) Joe Stephens (UT Austin Mccombs) Brian Mahoney (Percept Research)Rodney Alsup (MBA News Digest/Percept) + Joe Stephens (McCombs) + Brian Mahoney (Percept)

Time to Talk Research!

Executive MBA Toolkit Session

Brian Mahoney (Percept Research) co-presented a session called “Future of the EMBA: What the data says” with Elmer Almachar (Northwestern Kellogg) during the EMBA Toolkit, a one-day program held before conference sessions begin. Toolkit attendees learned the must-knows of the Executive MBA industry, including admissions, marketing, program delivery, budgeting, student expectations, and more from industry veterans.

Elmer Almachar (Kellogg) introducing the 'Future of the Executive MBA' session

The Executive MBA Council’s Center for Research team engages Percept Research to conduct the Membership Program Survey, which is a global benchmarking study of executive MBA programs. Approximately 88% of the EMBA programs in the council membership completed the 2018 Membership Program Survey.

Return on Education

The Center for Research hosted a concurrent session titled “Return on Education: Results from EMBAC-Linkedin Research Partnership,” presented by Elmer Almachar (Northwestern University), and George Bobinski (Binghamton University). This session discussed the results of research conducted by the council in collaboration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to answer the age-old question, ‘Is an Executive MBA worth it?’.

According to respondents of more than 1,000 Executive MBA alumni across the globe, 72% stated the EMBA program had a positive impact on their career. For those graduates, an EMBA degree resulted in promotions, substantial salary increases over time, career changes or even launching their own business.

George and Elmer explored the most important decision factors for prospective students when deciding to enroll in an EMBA program as well as relevance of MBA-acquired skills to their professional life (skills factors) and how impactful their MBA was in developing those skills. During the session, George also compared the study results to insights from Percept Research’s MBA Student Exit Survey including expectations and actualization of receiving promotions and addition management responsibilities, financial return on investment, and student loyalty to their MBA program.

Return on Education session - George Bobinski (Binghamton)George Bobinski (Binghamton) compares insights from the ROE survey with the Percept EMBA Student Exit Survey

Networking and Learning

The 2018 conference featured a time to learn and network, as well as a time to enjoy. Attendees enjoyed a memorable evening at one of Madrid’s most treasured landmarks – the Círculo de Bellas Artes, a space for culture founded by a group of artists in 1880. Designed by Antonio Palacios, one of Spain’s most influential architects in the last century, the building is one of Madrid’s most beautiful classic buildings of that time.  Famous Spanish playwrights and painters, including Pablo Picasso, studied there. 

In addition to the lovely historic venue, the event included an array of the local cuisine and a special performance of flamenco dancing known for its emotional intensity and artistic expression. 

Circulo de Bellas Artes_Stella Mantechou (INSEAD) and Chelsea Reece (Tumlare)Stella Mantechou (INSEAD) and Chelsea Reece (Tumlare) at Circulo de Bellas Artes

About the Executive MBA Council and Percept Research 

Percept Research serves as the research partner to the Executive MBA Council, which serves to network, educate, inform the industry. The Center for Research directs the research initiatives of the council and is represented by Elmer Almachar (Northwestern University), George Bobinski (Binghamton University), Jamie Breen (University of California Berkeley), Cheri DeClercq (Michigan State University), and Louise Kapustka (University of Washington).

Percept Research is a leading higher education consultancy serving over 250 business schools worldwide. Percept Research provides market research and consulting to higher education institutions and associations to assist with industry benchmarking, new program development, brand positioning, student lifecycle assessment, and messaging strategy.

Percept Research also offers custom higher education market research and consulting engagements to provide guidance to business school leaders in areas such as increasing operational efficiency and containing costs, improving recruiting and retention, and developing new degree programs. 

Please check out more photos and videos from the conference on the Percept Research Facebook page (and ‘like’ our page!). We would love to hear about your experience at the annual conference.

Looking to access the presentations provided at the conference?

This article on our social support platform provides information on how to access these presentations.

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