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Percept Research Announces 2012 Fees and Enhanced Survey Report

Posted by Brian Mahoney on Tuesday, Oct 4, 2011
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Percept Research, the leading provider of MBA student satisfaction assessments for business schools worldwide, today announced a new fee schedule for its MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite

Coupled with the adjusted fees, the latest version of the Suite’s most popular report offering, the Competitive Intelligence Report, features a significant functional enhancement.  In 2012, the Competitive Intelligence Report (CIR) will include an integrated Key Driver Analysis, providing more actionable value to MBA directors and deans. 

The Competitive Intelligence Report

The CIR is designed to provide at-a-glance visual display of internal program trends along with a dashboard of external benchmarks to other MBA programs.  The benchmarks include standard industry segments such as geographical region and program size as well as comparisons to a composite self-selected peer programs.  Additionally, the CIR includes high-level analyst commentary and all metrics graphically charted for comparative assessment.  

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Excerpt from a Competitive Intelligence Report


Key Driver Analysis

Key Driver Analysis (KDA) is a statistical analysis package available for all of the MBA Lifecycle surveys.  The KDA provides graphical quadrant analysis of the MBA program attributes based on program performance compared to derived importance to student loyalty.  An importance-performance map is generated for each dimension within the survey (e.g., Faculty, Curriculum, Course Areas, etc.) to help MBA program managers discover which factors have the greatest impact and determine where to focus limited resources on issues which are both important and performing relatively poorly.  More information on how to use the KDA to leverage limited resources for biggest impact is available here.


Excerpt from a Key Driver Analysis 


Changes in Report Fee Structure

The KDA was recently enhanced in 2011 and was offered as an optional $500 report add-on.  The CIR fee will be increased by $250 this year to compensate for the KDA integration so all participating MBA programs can benefit from the instructive KDA at a lower cost.  

Additionally in 2012, the print survey fee for the MBA Student Exit Study is no longer a graduated fee based on the number of students completing the survey and is now a standard $150 add-on fee to compensate for data entry and quality review of written responses.

Percept Research will continue to offer a Topline Summary only report option for all of the MBA Lifecycle studies, providing a low price entry point for new clients and allowing MBA programs to grow their investment in these assessment tools as their budgetary constraints will allow.   

Business schools face an increasingly competitive market and MBA directors are in a position of having to do more with less.  The MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite provides turnkey solutions that free up resources for other mission critical activities while arming managers with data to continuously improve and innovate their program.

”Our business school clients are now able to engage this powerful analysis as an integrated solution in our most popular report offering.  The new KDA-CIR and 2012 pricing offers our clients superior value, high-level priority support, and improved evidence-based decision tools.  We are excited about integrating this added value and look forward to building further enhancements in collaboration with our clients," said Brian Mahoney, Managing Partner of Percept Research.

The turnkey approach, ease of use, and high value are appreciated by MBA managers in small and large MBA programs alike. The MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite is utilized by a large number of business schools worldwide.


About Percept Research

Percept Research is a leading higher education consultancy serving over 200 business schools worldwide. Percept Research provides market research and communication consulting to higher education organizations to assist with new program development, positioning, student lifecycle assessment, and messaging strategy.

More information on Percept Research is available at and specific information about the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite is available at:

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