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The following pricing plans are available for the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite. Participating programs will choose one of these Decision Packages for each survey engaged.

These packages are identical for all MBA Lifecycle Surveys (Entry, Midterm, Exit, and Alumni) with the exception of the Alumni Survey. The Monitor Decision Package is not available for the Alumni Survey. 

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Decision Packages

  Monitor Roadmap Guidance
  Questionnaire Annual License
  Maximum Number of Students Surveyed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Survey Fielding Length 3 Weeks 3+ Weeks 3+ Weeks
  Respondent Survey Support
  Social Support Community (Standard Support)
  Dedicated Phone & Email Support (Premium Support)  
  Custom Survey Package   Optional $750 Optional $750
  Print Survey Tabulation (Exit only) Optional $200 Optional $200 Optional $200
  Descriptive Quantitative Statistics
  Summary of Verbatims
  Internal Trends  
  Key Driver Analysis  
  Industry Benchmarks & Trends  
  Peer Benchmarks  
  Verbatim Word Clouds    
  Analyst Commentary & Data-Driven Recommendations    
  Topline Summary
  Verbatims Summary
  Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report  
  Additional Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report   Optional $500 Optional $500
  Masked Data Set   Optional $100 Optional $100
  Executive Summary    

First Year Development Fee ($1,300 for Entry, Midterm, Exit | $2,800 for Alumni)

Includes questionnaire branding (school logo and naming convention), Premium Support, and survey administrator training for optimal response rates and report interpretation.

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CTA MBAR member discount


As the research partner of the Executive MBA Council and the MBA Roundtable, Percept Research is proud to offer discounts to the First Year Development Fees to members of these collaborative organizations. If your school is a member of either of these organizations, your program may qualify.

Please be sure to indicate if your school is a member institution when submitting a registration form (in the 'How to Buy' page) for each MBA Lifecycle survey.