Social Media Strategy

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Why revamp your social media strategy?

A strong social media plan allows institutions incredible reach and influence on prospective students at a significantly lower cost than traditional advertising. Not only does it provide you the opportunity to connect directly with your key audiences, but it can a provide vital insights into their behavior and motivations.

Common questions:

  • On which channels should we post and how often?
  • How should we structure our social media accounts?
  • How do we engage with our community?
  • How do we streamline social media across different departments/users?
  • Who should we target on social?
  • How do we measure success?
  • How do we establish and communicate a school-wide social media policy?
  • How do we handle a social media crisis?
  • Who should manage our social media accounts?

How we can help:

Social Media Strategy

  • Determine which platform(s) are best for each stakeholder audience
  • Evaluate timing and frequency of posts for each platform
  • Recommend social media tools for monitoring and posting to simplify the process
  • Determine how to leverage available content to create impactful social campaigns
  • Create unique strategies for prospective students, current students, alumni and other target audiences
  • Ascertain the best structure for your social team including skills, roles, and needs
  • Establish brand guidelines for social use across the school
  • Preparation and training on how to respond to a social media crisis

Content Marketing

  • Review faculty research and press releases to strategize how to leverage thought leadership on social channels
  • Develop ads that are interesting and impactful
  • Review video usage on your channels
  • Explore opportunities for content partnerships (e.g., media outlets, professional organizations, etc.)

Social Media ROI Planning

  • Assess current social activity -- identifying strengths and opportunities
  • Configure tagging on social media activity for tracking actionable analytics
  • Provide a Google Analytics tutorial on installing tracking code and interpreting Dashboard data
  • Establish guidelines on tracking metrics that reflect the greatest impact in social media (hint: generally, it’s not “likes”)
  • Set specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant goals for your school